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Preview: Fool’s Gold

Matthew McConaughey of “arrested while playing the bongos naked” fame teams up with Kate Hudson of “almost causing Owen Wilson to kill himself” fame team up again to recreate their magical performance they had in ‘How to Lose a Guy in 10 Days,’ to star in Fool’s Gold. I haven’t looked up the word “magical” in awhile, but I assume it still means, “take a croquet mallet to your groin to help relieve the pain caused by the movie you are watching.” Instead of going to see this movie, here’s what you do: Light your head on fire. It will be more productive, enjoyable, and far less mentally scarring.


One thought on “Preview: Fool’s Gold

  1. One thing left out of this review is the fact that apparently Matthew McConaughey now has it written into his scripts that shirts are optional. I really see no need for this, and fail to see how this adds to the story line other than to point out that actors have way too much down time.

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