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Preview: Be Kind Rewind

So the premise of the movie seems a little weak to me, mainly because if you had a whole video store wiped out, would one of the first movies you recreate be Robocop? I mean wouldn’t you want to remake a movie that had a chance of being rented by someone other than Peter Weller? If I had to remake a movie I’d probably go with The Elephant Man. Does that movie have a shot at getting rented? No, and probably Robocop 2 gets rented before The Elephant Man, but, you know, any excuse to glue Corn Flakes to your face and wear an onion sack over your head.

As for the casting as long as Jack Black isn’t Jack Black, I am OK with him. To me, though, he is a slightly less hair, but just as annoying Robin Williams. He is one of those guys that got by on the “he’s fat and acting wild he must be funny,” ticket, but for me and anyone with any kind of appreciation for humor, he’s not funny. Actually they should have just cast Sylvester Stallone in this movie since he is already remaking every movie he ever did. Oh snap! Did I just do that? Yeah. Yeah I just did.

– Brandin

3 thoughts on “Preview: Be Kind Rewind

  1. It’s funny, a friend of mine who saw an advanced screening of this one had absolutely TERRIBLE things to say about it.

    Yet, I gotta admit, it has me interested…I might wait for video.

  2. It just doesn’t seem like there’s enough for a story. And as Brandin pointed out, I’m not sure Jack Black is the man to carry this movie, even with Mos Def.

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