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Lonely Oscar Predictions

For this little feature on Lonely Reviewer, I turned to my fellow lonely reviewers to participate in a collective Oscar prediction. They sent in their predictions, using the majority, I will list lonelyreviewer.com’s Oscar Predictions in the major categories.

no country for old men

Best Actor
The lonely reviewers spoke with one voice on this one, all of us named Daniel Day Lewis (There Will Be Blood) the winner!

Best Actor – Supporting
5/6 for Javier Bardem (No Country for Old Men), and one vote turned in for Casey Affleck (Assassination of Jesse James).

Best Actress
4 votes for Julie Christie (Away From Her), and 2 votes for Marion Cotillard (La Vie En Rose).

Best Actress – Supporting
Again some split, Amy Ryan (Gone Baby Gone) won this round, with Cate Blanchett (I’m Not There) getting the eye of 2 lonely reviewers.

Animated Feature
The Lonely Reviewers have an eye for a rat who can cook, putting forth Ratatouille, with 1 vote towards Persepolis.

There was very little alignment on this category, with 2 votes going to There Will Be Blood and 2 to The Assassination of Jesse James by the Coward Robert Ford, and 1 each for Atonement, No Country for Old Men.

Original Screenplay
With only one break in the ranks for Michael Clayton, we all spoke with a resounding Juno (as much as it pains me, this isn’t a what should win list).

Adapted Screenplay
Much like the rare occurrence of all the planets aligning, No Country for Old Men comes out on top.

Best Director
We predict The Cohen Brothers finally receiving their Oscar, way past due.

Best Picture
With one vote for Atonement, we name No Country for Old Men the winner!

So there you have our collective predictions, No Country for Old Men taking home the most Oscars, it should be an interesting night, and its the upsets that make it the most interesting. Check back here tomorrow for which lonely reviewer got the most predictions correct! The prize? Bragging rights of course.


So, we were pretty much on target, except Best Actress and Best Supporting Actress, not bad! Hope you all enjoyed the Oscars!

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