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Whoopie Snubbed

According to Whoopie Goldberg the biggest snub of the night?: Whoopie Goldberg! It’s nice to see she hasn’t lost perspective. I mean sure Brad Renfro wasn’t included in the honoring of people that died in the past year, but can you believe they didn’t include Whoopie in one of the 75 hosting montages?!?! She was the star of ‘Sister Act’!!! One AND two!!! Who can I call to correct this? Hand me my tin can phone. I am going to call Winkles my teddy bear, he should be able to help. Wait. He is busy helping people who are still relevant? Haha! See you suckers! (*Flies out the window in Batman outfit made out of couch cushions.*)


Note: Don’t worry, the cast of The View was very sympathetic to Whoopie, though they did have to spend half the show explaining to Sherri Shepherd how Whoopie could be watching TV and be on TV at the same time.

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