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The Rock to Play The Tooth Fairy


To the delight of one our bloggers (read: sarcasm), Dwayne Johnson, collectively known as The Rock, will be starring as the Tooth Fairy in a new comedy from Fox. Directed by Michael Lembeck (The Santa Claus 2 and 3, which in my humble opinion, were terrible), the film follows the Santa Claus’ take on fantasy figures, with a normal guy taking on the duties of the tooth fairy.

The Rock’s latest choices are very family oriented, with The
Game Plan
, and Disney’s Witch Mountain around the corner,
he’s definitely looking for credibility with the kids.

So anyways, I’ll be first in line for this one (read: more sarcasm).

3 thoughts on “The Rock to Play The Tooth Fairy

  1. The Rock probably liked the taste of the Oscars as a presenter and wanted to make sure he was going back there next year. This well definitely get him a second invite.

  2. With any luck, maybe he’ll bring some of his wrestling buddies with him for this one. That ought to make for some wholesome family cage match entertainment….

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