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‘Get Born Again’ Gets Its Star

The fact that this was even an idea being kicked around was a surprise to me, but not only is there apparently an upcoming biopic on Layne Staley titled, ‘Get Born Again’, but according to the film’s MySpace page, it has found its star. Lathan McKay (Who? Exactly.) has been tagged to portray troubled singer from the band Alice in Chains in the film, which is based on the book of the same name by author Adriana Rubio.

Outside of this tidbit, there seems to be zero information on this film. All I have to go on is the film’s annoying MySpace page and Amazon’s 2 star rating of the book which is, again, the basis of the film. I’m getting the sense that direct-to-video is probably too classy of a release for this one. My bet? It’s released on a ViewMaster. If at all. This has to be a hoax, right?

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