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‘Cleveland’ Is Moving on Up

Looks like its time for Cleveland to get his: Fox Television is currently developing a spin-off of their hit (then cancelled, then re-aired, then hit again) show ‘Family Guy’ starring Peter Griffin’s friend, Cleveland Brown.  I can see ‘The Jeffersons’ jokes practically writing themselves.  The show is being written by ‘Family Guy’ creator Seth McFarlane (who also voices Cleveland) and Rich Appel, producer of McFarlane’s other project, ‘American Dad.”

It’s not surprising that Fox is capitalizing on what is clearly its most successful show.  What is surprising is that it took this long to happen.  I can only assume Fox was too busy coming up with other shows like ‘Who Wants to Marry a Prisoner?’ or ‘World’s Deadliest Squirrels.’  (Note: Neither of those two shows are real, but if Fox is interested, I’m willing to have concept talks with them.)

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