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More ‘G.I. Joe’ Details

New details have emerged regarding the writing team and the story direction for the upcoming adaptation of 80s television cartoon, ‘G.I. Joe.’ The film’s executive producer, Brian Goldner (who is also the COO of Hasbro), recently spoke with MTV regarding the upcoming feature. You can read it here.

Personally, I couldn’t be more uninterested in this flick. G.I. Joe doesn’t carry the nostalgia for me that Transformers does. I think the fantastical excitement of seeing giant robots coming to life is more interesting than watching a strategic army unit come to life. I suppose it’s because I’ve seen a lot of Van Damme movies in my past and have become desensitized to excitement towards army films. And add to that the uninspiring casting of Dennis Quaid and Marlon Wayans (WTF?!), amongst others, this film could be canned tomorrow and I’ll be no worse for the wear. But I know there are those out there who are interested, so here you go on this slow news day. When’s summer?

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