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We Won’t Be Seeing Page in ‘Hell’

Ellen Page, star of last year’s breakout hit ‘Juno,’ has officially backed out of Sam Raimi’s upcoming film, ‘Drag Me to Hell.’ ‘Hell’ is starting to garner some attention and buzz as it is Raimi’s first return to horror since his Evil Dead days (although viewers did get a glimpse at his signature horror style during the operating scene in ‘Spider-Man 2’). Page has cited scheduling conflicts with two other films she is currently working on, ‘Whip It!’ and ‘Peacock.’

I can definitely see it being a scheduling issue as the SAG deadline looms, but here’s hoping that’s the real reason she backed out and it’s not just a polite way of saying the script sucked. Although, I’m guessing it couldn’t be that because apparently ‘Whip It!” is a roller-derby comedy directed by Drew Barrymore.

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