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‘Speed Racer’ Gets the IMAX Treatment

Speed RacerIt’s official: on May 9th you can watch The Wachowski’s latest big screen bonanza, ‘Speed Racer,’ either in a regular, run-of-the-mill theater or you can hop on over to an IMAX theater and get your ass kicked with the awesome visuals and sound system! Guess which one I’m leaning towards? I didn’t watch Speed Racer growing up so I wasn’t really excited about this movie. Then I saw the trailer. I wasn’t hyped up for it, but I was definitely curious. The cartoon-ish visuals and over-the-top approach the brothers seem to have taken with the film tickled me a bit. Now the prospect of seeing that explosion of sound and color on an IMAX screen has me ready to line up.

It’s going to be a good year for IMAX film watchin’.

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