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‘Righteous Kill’ Trailer

The trailer for ‘Righteous Kill‘ has been released. The main point of this movie seems to be to create a drinking game for college kids: Everytime DeNiro makes the DeNiro face you drink. I tested out the game using only the trailer and already I am hammered. Seriously, does he even know he is making that face anymore? You know, the I-just-farted-in-a-public-place-and-I-think-I’m-going-to-get-away-with-it look.

The best part of the marketing with this trailer was to not show Curtis Jackson. This will serve them well before the movie, but lead to riots after people realize they paid for a 50 Cent movie. Nobody wants to see Curtis Jackson in a movie, or DeNiro anymore, or Pacino. What they want to see is me in my American flag speedo fighting the Germans for the right to colonize the moon, surrounded by sexy moon women singing the national anthem. U-S-A! All the way! U-S-A!


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