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‘Mummy’ Movies Won’t Die

I am pleased to announce that Brendan Fraser gets to act in another movie. And by pleased I mean I am huddled under a desk crying wondering where it all went wrong.

Yesterday the producers of the ‘Mummy’ series said that they are working on a new installment. The project reportedly took a hit when the Dorito chip they wanted to use to replace Brendan Fraser as the lead was arrested for solicitation, but Universal Studios resigned Fraser because he promised to, “not suck like I usually do.” He later added, though, that he doesn’t want to be held accountable for when he does suck so bad that his acting gets linked to causing cancer.


One thought on “‘Mummy’ Movies Won’t Die

  1. You know, a while ago, The Mummy was a movie that I enjoyed secretly in my pile of movies that suck so bad I kinda like them.

    But, this is called overstaying ones welcome.

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