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‘Robocop’ Still Cool

On a scale of 1 to 10, 5 being the least, I would say I am at a 5 for wanting to see ‘Robocop’ make a comeback. Apparently MGM thinks I am in the minority, but that’s OK, I have always been in the minority. I was the only person on board with the glow in the dark combat uniform and ham scented body lotion. But I am kind of a visionary like that. Which is why I think I have my fingers on the pulse more than MGM. It seems, however, that talks of a ‘Robocop’ movie are on the table and we could be seeing some sort of serious movement in that direction soon. Stay tuned because we have to be moments away from another ‘Captain America’ movie at this point. When that happens I will be moving to the moon to escape the apocolypse that is about to start. See you later suckers!


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