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Snoop Recharges Street Cred

After destroying all credibility he has with anyone (I mean he is definitely tapping into that drying well of street cred he gained with the first degree murder charge, right?), Snoop Dogg decided that now was the perfect time to make his dream come true and remix the “One Life to Live” theme song. The daytime soap opera has also cast him in two episodes in addition to letting him redo their theme song. Who would have thought that a former crip would become a “safe guy” for white America.

It is good to see that if you dream big and want something bad enough, you can get it. So I am going to keep on dreaming for that bionic arm with rocket launcher attachment. First thing to do with the rocket launcher? Put Snoop out of his misery. Second thing? End world hunger. How does a rocket launcher end world hunger you ask? I don’t know, why dont you speak into my bionic middle finger jerkface. Maybe I just care more intensely than you.


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