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PSP Review: Need for Speed Pro Street

needforspeed.gifYou’ll hear me talk a lot about mobile/handheld gaming on this site, you’ll also have to suffer through my frequent frustration with half rate, crappy PSP and DS titles. Need for Speed Pro Street for the PSP fits in this category.

Unlike its predecessor, the tracks found here are closed, shifting away from open world illegal street racing. So are they fun, innovative, interesting tracks? No. Boring. Very very boring. Customization options are limited, and upgrading your car does squat. Also, the whole game looks like crap, strange blurs galore, the PSP is a fairly powerful system for a handheld, and things could have gone a lot farther then they did on this title.

The one thing I did think was sort of nice, they had options for CPU assistance on turns. On the PSP, with its lack of a second analog directional (among other thing), the controls take a little getting used to. The addition of a computer assist is welcomed, especially for beginning players.

All-in-all, skip this title. If you are looking for a decent racing game on the PSP, look no further then WipeOut Pulse

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