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DreamWorks Pays ‘C.O.D.’

I tried to come up with some sort of witty title that referenced a bike messenger and invoked the sense of urgency that came along with bomb deliveries, all while remaining restricted to the three letter acronym, C.O.D.  Apparently the task was too much for my cold-addled brain.  So instead, I’ll just tell you the news piece.  DreamWorks has just plopped down a chunk of cash for a film idea by Lars Jacobson (newbie on the Hollywood streets).  The story, called ‘C.O.D.,’ revolves around a bike messenger in the city of Manhattan who has to deliver 3 bombs to separate locations throughout the city or else his family will be blown up, all while trying to evade the police, who want to stop him from delivering the bombs.

I have no idea why, but for whatever reason, that sounds like it could be a mindless fun flick.  One of those “dumb enough to work” kind of movies, like ‘American Ninja.’  Maybe because all we have to go on it is just that summary and my imagination is doing the rest of the work filling in the plot.   And with the addition of Dayquil, my brain is filling in what I don’t know about the story with ninjas hunting the bike messenger, too.  Cool.

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