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Johnny Depp Plays with Guns

John Dillenger
There isn’t much Johnny Depp can’t do. So when pictures of his upcoming film ‘Public Enemies’ get released I get excited. Here he plays John Dillenger and apparently play shoots people on set. The PA that is dressed for the arctic seems unimpressed with Depp’s acting. I wouldn’t mind if the PA was in the entire movie though just hanging around, unsure of what was going on, wondering why everyone had a hat except him.

Should be a good flick with the Depp/Bale combo. Might be a little early to call it the best combo since naked women and photography, but let’s not rule that out, because it probably will be.


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  1. Some say I look like an artists interpretation of a young Tom Brokaw, had the artist never seen Tom Brokaw. I think I have a more defined jaw line though.

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