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Xbox Live Gamerscore Controversy

Major Nelson announced on his blog the action taken by Microsoft on the ongoing Gamerscore tampering. For those of you who don’t know, Microsoft introduced Gamerscore on Xbox Live as a way to track your progress in your game collection by earning “achievements,” in them. For something with little reward other then bragging rights, it’s a pretty intense competition.

Yesterday, labeling the cheaters as such, Xbox Live & Microsoft penalized them by reducing their gamerscores to zero! The users will be unable to regain those achievements, but not be prevented from getting new achievements fairly.

It’s a little silly, and to quote someone from Digg, this is Microsoft essentially pouring ice on the nerds e-weenies. I did compete with my friend on the higher gamerscore, but eventually, I shrugged my shoulders, though, its still fun to see yourself unlocking achievements.

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