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Axl Rose to Dr. Pepper: Checkmate

Axl RoseIn response to Dr. Pepper’s publicity stunt that is trying to get America to continue drinking Dr. Pepper and possibly get ‘Chinese Democracy’ released by offering a free can of Dr. Pepper to every American (except Slash and Buckethead) if the album comes out in 2008, GnR leader Axl Rose put out this reply:

“We are surprised and very happy to have the support of Dr. Pepper with our album, ‘Chinese Democracy,’ as for us this came totally out of the blue. If there is any involvement with this promotion by our record company or others, we are unaware of such at this time. And as some of Buckethead’s performances are on our album, I’ll share my Dr. Pepper with him.”

Touche, Mr. Rose. Way to effectively not say shit. Granted, I’d probably feel weird about having my hand ultimately forced by a soft drink company after 13-plus years of not releasing it. But still, now that there’s a free Dr. Pepper thrown into the mix, I definitely want this album this year!

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