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Bosworth Finally Explains Acting

Kate Bosworth
If you thought acting was all about dedication to a role and years of study then you are stupid and sober.  Kate Bosworth finally shed some light on how a real actress approaches her art: drink so much vodka you don’t remember ever being in a movie.  In a recent interview Kate Bosworth said that during her love scene with co-star Jim Sturgess she was so hammered with acting juice that she doesn’t remember the scene. 

It was brilliant for about half an hour. As we continued to drink … it just became sloppy and messy. I couldn’t stand up at one point.”

I knew drinking made you better at things.  Like acting.  Picking up women. Driving.  That’s how I got so good behind the wheel.  Ten shots of vodka and I am ready to drive!  Hey, why does my car look like a grocery cart?  Whatever.  To the candy aisle!   *vroooooooom*


Note – Super excited for some Kate Bosworth drunk extras on the DVD where she tries to make out with a cameraman. 

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