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Social Club to Launch for GTA

Rockstar Social ClubI know the GTA stories are getting tiring, but its a long April ahead until this game is in my hands, but this a cool announcement from Rockstar.

Rockstar announced a new feature coming with the release of GTA IV. Much like Halo, Rockstar will be hosting a GTA Social Club which is essentially an online stat tracker. Users will register their Xbox Live or Playstation Network IDs, and be able to follow things like:

-Criminal Activity via a Police Blotter
-The Story Gang, Story Leaderboard ranking tracking how far you get in the game
-The 100% Club, for those individuals who reach 100% completion (I won’t be one of those).
-The Hall of Fame: this will recognize the folks who reach the top of the various leaderboads.
-Liberty City Marathon: When reaching physical milestones, like number of miles walked, driven, swam etc. will be listed here.

It’s a neat feature, but mostly all of these, like gamer score are for bragging rights. I forsee a widget on a facebook page that will show the size of your e-weenie once more.

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