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New ‘Dark Knight’ Trailer?

There’s been speculation as to where and with what the next ‘The Dark Knight’ trailer would appear. Well, it seems that it may debut online. A new site has popped up called ‘Clown Travel Agency.’ The site is one page and features a picture of a suitcase with a few stickers from around the world and, underneath the suitcase, an envelope marked “Departure Date 4-01.” Remember, the last trailer debuted on a website that looked like an ad for tow-trailers and was strikingly similar to this site in appearance.

Tomorrow is April Fool’s Day, which would be a great tie in to the Joker, but then again, it’s April Fools Day. So, an elaborate joke or do we finally get a new glimpse of this year’s blockbuster? Fingers crossed for the latter.

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