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‘Chairman of the Board’ in 3D

Chairman of the Board Poster

*Note: This was a special April Fools Article

As production studios continue to dabble in the 3D technology as another avenue to pursue in getting audiences back into theater seats, Lionsgate is taking an interesting approach to test the market: instead of putting out a new film using the 3D format, they are going to re-release the hugely popular, ‘Chairman of the Board’ as a way to see if the format has any chance of obtaining an audience.

‘Chairman of the Board’ is a film starring prop-comic Carrot Top and Courtney Thorne-Smith about an inventor/surfer who inherits a large inventing corporation. Larry Miller plays the villain, Bradford, who believes he should be the one who inherited the company and a power struggle ensues. Lionsgate, who bought Trimark Pictures, the original distributor of the film, is banking on the inevitable eager audience that wants to see the Top back on the big screen with his “in your face” prop comedy even more in-your-face with the 3D technology.

“Clearly Carrot Top is a box office draw,” stated Trimark Pictures founder Mark Amin. “The challenge for us will be to determine whether the audience came for the Top or if they came for the technology. And, of course, counting all of the money this re-release will make us.”

The ‘Chairman of the Board: 3D’ release is slated for early 2009.

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