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This Week in Poorly Argued Criticism

twipab.jpgMan in line: Wait a minute, why can’t I give my opinion? It’s a free country!
Alvy: I mean, d- He can give you- Do you hafta give it so loud? I mean, aren’t you ashamed to pontificate like that?

“Annie Hall” by Woody Allen & Marshall Brickman
Editor’s Note: ‘This Week in Poorly Argued Criticism’ is culled from a variety of on-line sources. It’s goal is to not highlight bad reviews. Instead, it is to point out that, no matter how highly praised or critically derided, there is a voice of dissent. If the reader thinks, ‘physician, heal thyself,’ well, let this be a lesson for all.

The following quotes are presented as they were originally posted. The spelling errors and syntax are their own. While they may have been pulled from a larger review, they are as they appeared. The views are not necessarily those of the Lonely Review staff.

The Dirty Dozen
If you like this film there is something mentally wrong with you. See a doctor.

Rocky IV
This movie also introduces a robot into the Rocky family of characters. While the robot is strictly played for comedy, it adds some good clean fun to the film. I wish there was more of the robot and that the next Rocky movie had followed up on what happened to the little fellow.

Easy Rider
This is another work of liberal propoganda from the sixtys designed to encourage children to turn on their country, drop out and use drugs.

Bound For Glory
How can such a talented musical artist be so irresponsible towards his wife and family? I wonder how close to accurate this protrayal is? Good music and a good reminder of how hard people used to work rather than sit with their handout thinking the world owes them something.

No Country For Old Men
Can’t understand what would interest the normal person in this movie. No redeeming value in the flick.

This film is better as a showcase of what went wrong when the liberals took power in the 1970’s and went on the rampage. Those liberals who were strictly in it for money or power turned on the true revolutionaries (like Redford) as quick as they could. The true revoltionaries who wanted to wave the red flag over the entire government could not run a coffee shop let along big institutions like prisons. They alienated the people who did the work to a point where they had to leave. The revolution from above failed and they were driven off into whatever gutters in the big cities would have them.

Inherit the Wind
Stanley Kramer was a liberal member of the hollywood elite who hated america. He also hated God. And this was his anti-God epic.

Annie Hall
I guess I’ve always resisted watching this movie because it was awarded the Oscar for Best Picture over “Star Wars.” That, and I really don’t like Woody Allen. I’d seen “Sleeper” several years ago, and I thought it was mildly amusing. There were a few chuckles in “Annie Hall,” but the only time I really laughed was when Allen sneezed $2000 worth of cocaine into the air at a party.

The plot of the film is almost non-existant, but this is really a character-driven film anyway. The only problem with this is that I really didn’t identify with any of the characters. Not only that, but I didn’t like them. Allen’s character is just a neurotic, self-centered mess, and Annie Hall is irritatingly dim-witted. She just goes whichever way the wind blows her.

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