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Weezer Names New Album

WeezerWith the anticipation of Weezer’s follow-up album to ‘Make Believe’ slowly gaining momentum, the band has officially announced the upcoming title and release date of the new disc.  Being released on June 17th, the new Weezer album will officially be called……….’Weezer’!  June’s release will make this the third Weezer album to be self-titled, following the band’s 1994 debut album, ‘Weezer’ (known as the Blue Album) and 2001’s follow-up to ‘Pinkerton,’ ‘Weezer’ (known as the Green Album).  The color scheme this time around?  Rumor has it that the album will be known as the Red Album.

No word on whether the band will be following the latest trends of an online release or whether they will be sticking to the standard let-it-leak-then-buy-it-at-a-store approach.

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