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Lindsay Lohan Classes Up Resume

lindsay lohan Lindsay Lohan has decided that the best way to gain credibility again is to get naked and show her boobies.  In her role for the upcoming film ‘Florence’ Lohan will perform a stripping scene as she portrays a sex-addicted waitress.  Star Magazine quoted a source as saying, “She just wants to remind people she can act and she’s worth hiring.”  As we we know, the acting jobs being referred to are ‘I Know Who Killed Me,’ and ‘Herbie: Fully Loaded.’

Wait, so all I have to do to gain credibility is be naked?  I knew it.  With this information I am unstoppable.  Next year at this time you can call me President No Pants.  All policies will revolved around my nakedness.  Blow up the moon!! Why?  Do you see pants on me? Of course not, so you would be wise to just do as I say.  Now fetch me my septor!   Lindsay Lohan has changed my life and is an inspiration to all young people of America.  

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