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Introduction: the Independent Film Festival of Boston

IffBostonBefore the last 5 years, living in Boston, one felt very much removed from the world of film. The festivals here were lower key, the projects that came to the city were few and far between. Something changed. Maybe the world got smaller. Boston no longer feels so removed from that world. Maybe it was the new tax incentives for production introduced here, maybe it was Scorsese’s Boston-based film winning an Oscar, but there’s definitely something new in the air above the Bay State. Festivals, like the upcoming Independent Film Festival of Boston, only further that.

Founded in 2003 by the Independent Film Society of Boston, IFFBoston in just five years has seen amazing growth. Beginning with an audience of 10,000 in 2003, to 23,000 in 2007, the IFFBoston is the biggest film festival in New England. This years festival takes place between April 23-April 29th. With around 58 features and 36 shorts made outside the studio system, the selection is diverse.

Just a few of the films we’re excited about on the slate are Transsiberian, Twelve, Second Skin, Saviours, and Larry (the Actor). We’ll be attending as many films, and covering as many of the filmmakers as we can. We want to make LR.com your source for all things related to IFFBoston 2008!

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