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Review: The Return of ‘The Office’

Dwight and MichaelSome naysayers on our site may disagree with me (thats why you come here, our varying opinions), but I love the American Office. I love the cast, I love the characters, I love the writing. The writers strike was a difficult time for me. I spent the entire summer waiting for the Office to come back. Excited at the thought of longer episodes, and a longer episode order from NBC, only to have the rug pulled out from under me. Well, ‘The Office,’ is back, and was the wait worth it?

I say yes.

Tonights episode opened in the Office, the teaser had the gang doing a last minute overtime job from corporate, only to find out it was Michael’s ploy to get Jim and Pam over for a dinner party hosted by Jan and himself. Hilarity and awkwardness ensued, clearly, Jan isn’t the best mate for Michael. Did I want more Creed and Stanley? Of course I did. Did this episode leave me satisfied? Yes.

‘The Office’ returned with a bang, but the reminder that there are only three more episodes left in Season 4,  leaves me with a tinge of sadness.

Catch the remaining three episodes of the office on NBC, Thursday nights (check your local listings).

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