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‘Atlas Shrugged’ Set to Move Forward

The cinematic adaptation of Ayn Rand’s classic tome, ‘Atlas Shrugged,’ is preparing to move forward with production this fall/winter, pending Vadim Perelman finishing the final script by then. Perelman, who is set to direct the picture, told ComingSoon.net that the book, which is notoriously long, has been whittled down to a manageable film and that Angelina Jolie is still very much “invested” in the picture.

‘Atlas Shrugged’ follows a railroad scion who, along with society’s other great inventors and thinkers, basically quit society and go away to a secret location to flourish as great thinkers, building a society that allows them to thrive. The story also follows the results of their disappearance on the rest of the nation, who they feel are watering down their ability to do what they do best: being driven by self-interest, they devise great inventions and ideas, but are hindered by having to be altruistic and making sure everyone has a fair chance. ‘Atlas,’ along with her other great work of fiction, ‘The Fountainhead,’ are fictional vessels for Ayn Rand’s Objectivism philosophy.

Having read the book, I admit I’m a bit curious about how this will translate to film. The story itself could be a somewhat straightforward, almost cookie-cutter plot, but what made the book so famous and long was Rand’s philosophy on the individual’s need and right to be self-interested and how society robs those great minds of their ability and reason to do so. Rand’s philosophy comes across quite well in literary form. Can it translate to film as effectively?

Check out ComingSoon.net to read the exclusive.

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