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Drew Barrymore Gives Up

Beverly Hills Chihauhau

The poster for Drew Barrymore’s next movie, ‘Beverly Hill’s Chihuahua,‘ has been released. Seven people noticed, I just happened to be one of the seven. The movie is your typical fish out of water film and will follow a talking Chihuahua as it is uprooted from is plush life in Beverly Hills and left inMexico. This movie is also a good chance for Cheech Marin to reclaim his ‘Oliver & Company’ magic.

I like the poster, though. Any poster that doesn’t know if people understand crazy Mexican talk and phonetically spells out its title is cool with me. What does that say? Taco? What in hell is a taco?! You sure ain’t speaking no English are ya there buddy! Yeeeha! (*For a visual, I also straddled my chair and rode it around the office lassoing all the pretty work dames while writing this article. You get something out of it, the morale of the office woman I just objectified sky rockets. Overall, the lonelyreviewer has never been classier.)

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