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Original Soul Calibur on its way to Xbox Live Arcade

soul-calibur-ii-2.jpgWith the announcement of the Soul Calibur IV’s release date comes this next piece of news. The original Soul Calibur will appear as a Xbox Live Arcade title later this year.

Details are slim, but there is definitely a slew of Dreamcast fans who are excited about this new development. It is likely the game will have online play, but confirmed that leaderboards, and every character and mode from the original will be available.

Personally, I’ve had the debate of XBLA vs PSN quite a bit, with more original titles making its way to the PSN, but stuff like this does get me excited. I don’t mind rediscovering old titles, or finding myself in nostalgic heaven (ie TMNT Arcade).

2 thoughts on “Original Soul Calibur on its way to Xbox Live Arcade

  1. I wish XBLA would have more original titles like the PSN has. I bought TMNT Arcade mainly for the nostalgia factor. I played it for probably one week off and on and that’s it. I’ve bought about 8-9 games on XBLA and the same thing happens with every game, I play them for 5-7 days and never touch them again. I’ve basically given up on the XBLA. Until they change the size restrictions I don’t think they’re going to improve the quality and originality of the games coming out. I loved Soul Calibur, but I still have my Dreamcast so I’ll just hook that up if I want to play it.

  2. I agree, I have high hopes for that new XBLA Developers Kit though, I feel like a lot of good content is going to come out of it from indie developers. But their saying the size restrictions are going to have to change, especially for Soul Calibur!

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