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Russell Still Crazy, Caan Leaves Movie


Director David O. Russell is less known in some circles as a director and better known for getting into a fight with George Clooney on ‘Three Kings,’ and causing Lily Tomlin to have one of the greatest meltdowns ever filmed on the set of ‘I Heart Huckabee’s.’  (Thanks, You Tube!)   And now Russell can add James Cann to that list.

Caan has walked off the set of Russell’s new movie, ‘Nailed.’  While shooting in South Carolina, Caan left the set, went home and never came back.  Caan’s publicist released the following statement: ‘James Caan did amicably part ways with this production due to creative differences.’

The movie, a political comedy also starring Jake Gyllenhall, Catherine Keener and Jessica Biel.

4 thoughts on “Russell Still Crazy, Caan Leaves Movie

  1. That Lily Tomlin clip was crazy. My favorite part was when Russell walks onto the set from behind the camera, goes batshit crazy yelling at Lily, walks off camera, then a few seconds later comes in through the set door, still yelling.

  2. Three Kings was good, I Heart Huckabee’s meh. David O Russell needs to can it. Spend more time making movies, less time arguing.

  3. Yeah, despite his apparently pissy attitude, I really dig Three Kings. And I was whatever about Huckabee’s. Clearly the guy has talent, but all the same, at least half of anyone’s success comes from people wanting to work with you.

  4. ‘Flirting with Disaster’ is a wonderful screwball comedy and terribly underrated. That said, I kind of like all of the guy’s stuff… Even though I think he’s completely off his rocker.

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