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Van Damme and Lundgren?! Oh My!

Dare we dream?! Any other day and the news that the direct-to-video release of ‘Universal Soldier 3’ was moving forward with Jean-Claude Van Damme would probably elicit a, “No shit. So?” But this little tidbit would be pretty sweet. Apparently there is a rumor that not only is the Muscles from Brussels making a return to the series, but his co-star in the original could be coming back as well. I speak, of course, of one Mr. Dolph Lundgren! Two direct-to-video icons back in action again in one film. Hopefully this is true because I’d totally watch that.

If Steven Seagal made an appearance Jay’s “Holy Trinity of Film” would be complete and his brain would probably pop from geeky excitement.

Read about the rumor here!

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