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Eli Roth Goes Soft

eliroth.jpgDirector of all things gruesome and gory, Eli Roth, announced that he had his sights set on a PG-13 science fiction action film in the vain of Transformers, and Cloverfield.

With no details to the plot, Roth told reporters that he was “bled out,” having pushed violence and gore as far as he could in torture pic Hostel. He’s aiming to finally make a film kids can he.

Though he’s not turning his back on violence forever, I’m sure we’ll find an unrated special edition of this new PG-13 film on DVD.

One thought on “Eli Roth Goes Soft

  1. What about Roth’s feature made up of only grindhouse trailers? Is he still going to make that? I was kind of intrigued by that one.

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