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Effects of Strike Show on Nielsen Ratings

When the Writers came off of strike, there was an idea that popped in my head. I dismissed it quickly, but apparently the idea has become a reality. I thought, are audiences going to care that these shows have been gone? It’s like loving something, then having it go away for a really long time, eventually it reaches a point where you’ve learned to live without it.

The ratings are reporting that overall, major networks were down 11% in the 18-48 rating, with CBS and Fox being down 15%. People are blaming that only 24% of people with DVRs have the ability to be rated.

I’d definitely block off time to watch some of the shows I’m extremely faithful to, but with the advent of sites like hulu.com, its no longer a priority. I don’t own a DVR, and the presence of a legal alternative, goes a long way with me.

Here’s the lesson to be learned Hollywood, strikes hurt everyone, especially the consumer.

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