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‘Dark Knight’ Updates

It’s. About. Fucking. Time. Well, almost, anyways. Finally, finally, finally, the new ‘The Dark Knight’ trailer will be debuting!!! This Sunday (5/6) it will appear at this site. The last scavenger hunt ended yesterday, with the various locations given their GPS coordinates and the various clues to track throughout a few of the country’s various big cities. And lo and behold, we have the final trailer for their efforts. Now I saw a bootleg copy of it this morning and it was unbelievably awesome. We get a look at Harvey Dent in action, a lot of new Joker stuff and a lot more Batman. Can you guess just how pumped I am for this?
Again, go here on May 6th for the trailer!

And, for those who can’t get enough ‘Dark Knight’ action, check out this site. It’s got a few new posters for the film.


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