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‘Monster Camp’ Poster

Monster Camp

Enough with the online gamers, the arcade gamers, just give me so good old fashioned role playing nerds. Thanks to ‘Monster Camp’ we now have this much overdue documentary. A documentary that I cannot mask my excitement for. Seriously. I hope it is full of people speaking with a medieval accents, even when not in the woods being shunned by society. I wish I was cool enough to hang out with them, dress up as a knight and chase fair maidens with wooden swords I made by stealing materials from my parents house. But, alas, I am not. The only things I have are the ability to socialize with mainstream society and interact with people on a normal platform. Well those and this cool Ferrari for a penis.

Again, super excited to see this. I always gain more appreciation for subcultures after documentaries.  Check out the trailer here.

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  1. Hey Brandin! Monster Camp has a theatrical release starting May 9. We are in Chicago, then Winnipeg, and then Vegas at the end of May! On top of that we still have festival screenings coming up.

    I’ll keep screening dates and times updated on our web site as I have details (under “screenings”) meanwhile, people can “find out what kind of monster they are” by taking our survey. And, Monster CAmp is coming out on DVD later this year, and RIGHT NOW people who are Netflix subscribers can add it to their cue! How cool is that? Yeah, we thought so.

    Aaron Kirk Douglas

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