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GTA IV Sells More 360 Copies

Add this to the pile of GTA IV news (which I plan on finally releasing my review on Monday). I still feel pretty sore about HD-DVDs lost, despite for the first time, seeing Sony do things right for a change. But, as sales numbers come out, I can’t help but smile. It’s apparent that the Xbox 360 version of GTA IV has been outselling the PS3 version, 1.85 million copies to 1 million. Though, 18% of total 360 owners bought the game, and 26% of total PS3 owners.

There were speculations that the release of the game would see an increase in consoles flying of shelves, however both saw a decrease of 28/27% in console sales from March to April.

Despite all this, GTA IV is still the fastest selling entertainment media in history. It made more money in one day then the biggest film, book, or CD release.

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