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MGM Acquires ‘The Facttracker’

David Silverman, director of ‘The Simpsons Movie,’ and ‘Monsters Inc.’ will next be directing an adaptation of Jason Carter Easton children’s book, ‘The Facttracker.’ The rights were acquired by MGM.

The live action feature is about a town called Traakerfaxx, a town that produces the worlds facts. When a salesman who peddles lies comes to town, it throws everything into chaos. A young orphan, and the Facttracker team up to save the town from fibs.

The film sounds silly, cute, and clearly kid friendly. I feel like my childhood had a lot of excellent kids films, the last live action movie aimed for kids that I truly enjoyed would have to be ‘Holes.’ This one could be entertaining, we’ll be keeping an eye on it as details come out, this will be David Silverman’s first live-action feature.

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