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Microsoft Looking to Expand XBL Arcade Size Limit

Microsoft is looking into expanding the size constraints of games offered through their Xbox Live Arcade service. Customers can purchase games, from remakes/reimaginings/ports of older games, to games made by Indie developers.

When the service first launched, there was a size limit of 50mb, it was expanded about a year ago to 150mb, the talk now is to increase to 350mb. The move comes after word that Super Street Fighter 2 Turbo HD Remix, and Bionic Commando: Rearmed, have come across problems keeping the games under the minute, fueling speculation that the PlayStation Network versions were going to look much better.

The problem with expanding the size of their offerings means one thing, the older owners are going to fill their 20 gig hard-drives even faster. Looks like I’m gonna have to pick up a new drive for a premium fairly soon. My hope is that eventually, their going to allow game installs to these drives like the PS3 does. Game installs will improve load time, and perhaps even improve some graphics.

Microsoft, just don’t come out with an Xbox 1080º yet, between that and the new iPhone, I’m gonna have to file bankruptcy. (Or just not get either I suppose, but, well, that just may suck even more)

One thought on “Microsoft Looking to Expand XBL Arcade Size Limit

  1. I’m glad they’re finally increasing the size limit. Hopefully this will help with originality since they have more space to work with.

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