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Nazis Come Back from the Moon!

Let’s see, so far Jason Voorhees, Dracula and the Leprechaun have spent some cinematic time in space. Clearly those were successful jaunts. (I only say that sarcastically about Leprechaun and Dracula. I liked Jason in space. A lot.) So the world of cinema said, “Well, why don’t we send some other bad guys into the stratosphere?” But what bad guys? Nazis. Yup, it looks like there’s the potential for the Nazis to return to Earth after taking off for space in 1945 to live on the dark side of the moon in the movie, ‘Iron Sky.’

Now, while I don’t know if I would necessarily go watch a “Nazis return from space” movie in the theater, I do have to sheepishly admit that this teaser trailer that was released is actually pretty decent. And the song they play is in my head now. So +2 points for that.

Check out here for info on the movie.

And check out the teaser below.

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