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‘Choke’ Trailer Released


I like Chuck Palhniuk. I got into his writing after ‘Fight Club,’ came out, but quickly read all his other books. I’ve also seen him read in person a couple of times. If you haven’t seen that, I highly recommend you go. (Everyone who asks a question gets a prize. Prizes range from inflatable moose heads to necklaces handmade by Chuck.)

Finally another movie based on one of his books is out. The book is ‘Choke.’ It’s about a guy who is a re-enactor at a Colonial Williamsburg type place who is addicted to sex and to letting people save his life when he chokes on food at restaurants. It’s not really a story for Grandma. The movie stars Sam Rockwell, Angelica Houston, and Kelly MacDonald.

I haven’t read his most recent book, ‘Snuff,’ a book about a porn star trying to break the world record for gang bangs, but it’s on my bedside table. (Sleep tight.)

MTV has released the ‘Choke’ trailer. Check it out. It looks good and, more importantly, true to the book. I can’t wait to see this. -Sam

One thought on “‘Choke’ Trailer Released

  1. Very interesting. I wasn’t a huge fan of Choke. But I’m curious to see this.

    Now if they’d only make a film version of Invisible Monsters.

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