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Buffet and Disturbed on New Rock Band DLC

Rock Band is releasing MORE huge downloadable content for the Xbox 360 and PS3 of its popular music game. Three tracks from Jimmy Buffett, and Disturbed.

The tracks from Jimmy Buffet are “Cheeseburger in Paradise,” Margaritaville,” and “Volcano.” All three tracks were re-recorded for the game,  and will be available for$1.99 each or $5.49 for all three tracks. The songs are a bit different then most released for the game, but apparently, Buffet is a big fan.

Disturbed releases’ are definitely a promotional tie-in for the bands upcoming album, ‘Indestructible.’ The three songs, “Indestructible,” “Inside the Fire,” and “Perfect Insanity” are all from the new album. Two of the three tracks can be obtained for free if you preorder the album from Best Buy.com, but, do you really want the new “Disturbed” album? Exactly.

The new songs drop this week on both online stores.

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