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‘Lemmy: The Movie’

I hope this documentary comes to fruition and gets released. There are few rock and roll personalities out there more respected and revered than Lemmy Kilmister. Founder and frontman of the kick-ass rock and roll band, Motorhead, Kilmister is now seen as the patriarch of the rock and roll lifestyle. And, finally, someone decided to capture the awesomeness in a film.

Tentatively titled ‘Lemmy: The Movie,’ the film is a documentary that attempts to celebrate the man’s career through interviews with the likes of Dave Grohl, Slash, Steve Vai, fans, bandmates and the man himself, Lemmy Kilmister. Hopefully this will help everyone answer the immortal question posed in ‘Airheads’: Who would win in a fight, Lemmy or God? (Trick question: Lemmy is God)

Check out the trailer for the film below.

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