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WB Orders Reshoots for ‘Wild Things’

wildthing.jpgThebadandtheugly.com is reporting reshoots scheduled for the Spike Jonze directed ‘Where the Wild Things Are,’ fueling fire to the rumors that Warner Bros may be stepping in and taking control of the project.

Test audiences didn’t quite get a kids movie, as the film allegedly is a unique project, exploring childhood and fantasy in an extremely different (perhaps dark and melancholy way). The internet is abuzz with positive light with Jonze’s adaptation, and it’d be extremely sad to see his take basterdized by a studio worried it might not make a big buck.

The past has seen a lot of great (but dark) stories aimed towards children, and this cookie cutter crap of today does a disservice to children. Sometimes, a kids imagination can be scarier than anything, personally, I always found this story quite frightening, hell, monsters? Come on! WB should leave this alone, I have a lot of faith in Spike Jonze, and I hope these reshoots are just due to tweaks in CGI.

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