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‘Iron Man 2’ Without Favreau?!?!

Looks like Marvel, the production company, is already starting to act like a production company. Out of the gate with the amazingly great and successful ‘Iron Man’, Marvel has greenlighted (greenlit?) a slew of their comic books to be adapted to films. And now that they’re running a full court press, it seems that they may be slightly more interested in the dollar than they are in the great stories and storytellers they have that put together the films that make them that dollar.

It appears that Jon Favreau, the man who basically put Marvel on the map as a legit production company with this summer’s smash hit, ‘Iron Man,’ may not be back to do the sequel. And it’s not that he doesn’t want in; rather it appears that Marvel wants to move forward with production on this film by March of 2009 and Jon is basically saying that it’s not enough time to put together a good story.

Jon’s being pretty cool and talking with us the fans on MySpace. You can read his answers to the inquiries here.

And check out this report regarding the Marvel drama here.

All I have to say is, Marvel, pull your head out of your ass and remember that we go to the movies for a great story, not a brand name.  Keep Favreau and let him make another great movie with all of the time that he needs.  Please, please, please don’t fuck this up!!!!

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