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Spike Lee to direct ‘Time Traveler’

Spike Lee will be co-writing and co-directing a new film based on ‘Time Traveler,’ a memoir by Ronald Mallett.

The book is about the life of one of the nation’s first African-Americans to earn a PhD in theoretical physics. Showing his rise from poverty, to his scientific career, and to when he lays out the technical specs for a workable time machine.

Developing a working time machine was an obsession for Mallett after his father died when he was 10. He made it a goal to travel through time to save his father.

No start date, but I’m a huge fan of Spike Lee and this one sounds extremely interesting. Lee has shown interest in time travel before, he was originally attached to direct ‘Selling Time,’ the story of a man who sells a part of his life expectancy to go back in time to relive the worst day of his life.

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