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Possible Release Date for Starcraft II?

Though there hasn’t been an official release date from Blizzard, its rare to see the same “tentative” release date from three very different retailers. Best Buy, Circuit City, and Gamestop all have Starcraft II’s release date for December 3rd.

Though until Blizzard starts putting it in writing, I wouldn’t start scheduling a LAN party yet. Though, with Blizzard’s convention in Paris starting this weekend, it shouldn’t be long before we hear a confirmation.

One thought on “Possible Release Date for Starcraft II?

  1. Can’t wait for SC2. Hopefully they announce the date at the WWI this weekend if not they always have Blizzcon in October. WotLK is suppose to be out in November, but I have a feeling it’ll be pushed back until early 2009 which will be good if SC2 does come out in December. I don’t know if Blizzard would release both games that close to each other though.

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