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Paramount Takes ‘Chance’

Why, why, why.

Simon Cowell is producing a feature film version of a reality music star’s inspirational rise to popularity on ‘Britain’s Got Talent.’

The new film, titled ‘One Chance’ follows mobile-phone salesman Paul Potts in his last-ditch effort to make a music career by competing in ‘Britain’s Got Talent.’

A streak of badluck riddled Potts, winning over audiences, judges, and Cowell. Potts went on to win the show.

The film is supposed to be a comedy-drama that tracks Pott’s story of bad luck.

Granted, I’m not familiar with what happened, are we really serious here? What’s next, the coming of age story of Richard Hatch (nude Survivor winner), or the rise and fall of William Hung? File this under sigh.

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  1. Uh, Vatche, maybe you remember an awesome little movie called From Justin to Kelly. That’s why. Because it’s awesome.

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