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Bay Aces Character Development

‘Transformers’ was super saturated with 0 character development. Think about that for a moment. It had no character development. It made you think: how much less character development could there be in this movie? And the answer is none. None less development.

Usually I would complain about this when reviewing a film, but then again most movies don’t have giant robots ripping apart buildings. It was like taking one of my most awesome dreams about being a giant killer robot from space and adding Megan Fox to it. Now it sounds like Bay is going to ruin the whole thing by trying to give Sam Witwicky and Mikaela Banes depth. And by “depth” I most certainly do not mean “depth,” I actually mean each character will have a certain awkwardness to them that will make the movie the cinematic equivalent of two cousins making out while their parents are in the same room giving each other wedgies and spanking their grandparents.

Anyway … according to NJ.com, Bay had this to say about the new movie:

In the first movie, Witwicky and his love interest, Mikaela Banes (played by Fox), help the faction of good robots, the Autobots, in their battle against the evil Decepticons.

As the battle continues in the second film, LaBeouf and Fox reprise their roles. Although both characters have grown from high school- to college-age since the first “Transformers” installment, only LaBeouf’s Witwicky is off to college because Fox’s Banes can’t afford school, Bay said.

Last time he tried this level of development Ben Affleck was walking an animal cracker across Liv Tyler’s stomach. Yeah…

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  1. I know megan fox is/was pretty close to high school age during the first film, but, honestly, she looked way older then Shia’s character. (in my humble opinion) Thoughts anyone?

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